What You Need to Know.

Considering the dependence on the DNS as a strategic infrastructure, internet services for companies, associations and public organizations rely on it for impeccable service. Deploying and Implementing DNSSEC allows you to secure the infrastructure, thus mitigating risk and enhancing trust in the internet.

This training is designed to educate, empower and execute deployment that would enable you to protect yourself against any challenges that could occur in the absence of this technology.

It’s better to have Knowledge of the basics of the DNS, Familiarity with the UNIX operating system, TCP/IP network protocols and at least one year’s experience in the domain name administration business.

1. Assess the benefits of deploying DNSSEC in your environment;

2. Acquire technical knowledge of DNSSEC;

3. Configure the installation of a validating DNSSEC resolver (Unbound);

4. Construct a DNSSEC infrastructure with OpenDNSSEC and manage the keys and BIND to serve the signed zones.

Final assessment of the training course will be in the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire.

Four (4) Days, Zoom Meeting Every Morning for Two (2) to Three (3) Hours.

Call for Application was open from December 13, 2021 to January 30, 2022, before close of work. Thirty Selected Applicants will be contacted. Next Training is in April 2022.

Closed till April 2022