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DNSSEC Agenda and Materials

DNSSEC - 4 days: Agenda

Much gratitude to NSRC |ICANN for their support



1  DNSSEC - 4 days: Agenda
  1.1  Time Schedule
  1.2  Instructors
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DNSSEC - 4 days: Agenda


Time Schedule

Schedule, Monday to Thursday Time
Morning Zoom Session 10:00 − 12:30
Homework At your own

1. All times WAT, UTC+1, local time in Abuja.

2. The Morning Zoom Session will start with a review of the previous day's homework on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

3. Details of the WhatsApp Group for students and instructors is available.

4. Additional zoom sessions will be arranged as necessary to help with homework, depending on instructor availability and demand.



Name Organization Country
YA Yazid Akhano ICANN Republic of Benin
PM Paul Muchene ICANN Kenya
PR Phillip Regnauld NSRC Denmark
AM Abdul Awal Mohammed NSRC Bangladesh
AA Alain Aina NSRC Republic of Benin



Session Topic Inst Materials
Zoom 1.0 Opening Ceremony Keynote by Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo - Convener, Nigeria DNS Forum.
Zoom 1.1 Introduction to the Workshop YA Introduction to Workshop [PDF]
Zoom 1.2 DNSSEC 101 PM & PR Why DNSSEC? [PDF]
DNSSEC Extensions to DNS [PDF]
Homework 1.3 Access Lab Platform PM Virtual Lab Platform [TXT]
Testing SSH access to the class environment [HTML]
Homework 1.4 Diagnostics using dig PM Diagnostics using dig [HTML]
Homework 1.5 Create your domain PM Zone creation [HTML]
Zoom 2.1 Review Homework from day 1 YA
Zoom 2.2 Zone Signing PM Recap of Public Key Cryptography [PDF]
Zoom 2.3 Interactive Demo AM
Homework 2.4 Zone Signing AM Zone signing HTML
Upload DS to root HTML
Zoom 3.1 Review Homework from day 2 YA
Zoom 3.2 DNSSEC in Action PR Effects of Zone Tampering
Zoom 3.3 DNSSEC Operations PM DNSSEC ops [PDF]
Signature Validity
Domain Name Transfers [PPTX, PDF]
Signing Parameters [PPTX, PDF]
Homework 3.4 ZSK Rollover AM ZSK Rollover with BIND10.0 [HTML]
Homework 3.5 DNSSEC Monitoring AM Nagios checksig lab HTML
Zoom 4.1 Review Homework from day 3 YA
Zoom 4.2 DNSEC Operations AA DNSViz
HSM Demonstration
Root KSK Management
Zoom 4.3 DNSSEC Validation PM DNS Validation (p13)
Zoom 4.4 Wrap-Up; Discussion; Q&A YA & PM
Homework 4.5 Signing with OpenDNSSEC PM OpenDNSSEC Lab 1 [HTML]


Additional Information